Lakes of Northville Subdivision

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Featuring 11 acres of natural, wooded commons area along with a sense of friendly community and paved sidewalks. That "up-north" feeling right at home! The Lakes of Northville sub contains approximately 304 homes in it -- built 1979 -1986.


Features of Homes:

  • Colonial Style
  • Cape Cod style
  • Ranch Style
  • Vinyl Exteriors
  • Brick exteriors
  • 2 car garages
  • 3-4 bedrooms
  • 2 + bathrooms
  • basements
  • first-floor laundry rooms
  • fireplaces
  • Ranging from 1700 - 3900 square ft

    Located between 6 & 7 mile roads and between Haggerty & Northville Roads.


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Children attend the renowed Northville school district.

Provides many recreation activities such as walking, hiking and play opportunities for all members of  the family. Pristine Waterford Pond features beautiful wildlife.

CLICK HERE to Download a Copy of Lakes of Northville Association Bylaws and regulations!